Saturday, February 6, 2016

Game Zombie Fallout v1.5.1 Apk Terbaru

Game Zombie Fallout v1.5.1 Apk 2016 hay gamers , Nih ada Game Action RGP keren yaitu Zombie Fallout dan menggunakan karakter anime jadi sangat keren deh game ini . Sobat bisa memainkannya di android dengan mengunduh file APK
Download Zombie Fallout
ZOMBIE FALLOUT (ZFO) is the new & coolest Shooting Action RPG to hit 2016. The game has lush Anime graphic & art. The saucy, yet adorable, characters in ZFO will simply beg you to love them. Put on your unique suit and blast through everything with deadly skills and guns in your arsenal. Be the futuristic badass GUNNER everyone loves to hate!
Killing Zombie has never been THIS FUN!

ZFO revolves around the invasion of Nebula Republic to annihilate the human race. Genetic & Bio-engineering are used to create deadly virus outbreak that causes massive zombie mutation.

Join secret organization, Night Walker, to prevent doomsday. Are you the legendary GUNNER HERO who can even overcome death?

► Unique futuristic characters with Enhance Suits & Costumes.
► Stats boost mechanism & upgrade system to create deadly Hero.
► Various deadly weapons and add-ons.
► Thrilling PvP system: Duel Mode 1 vs 1 and TEAM/Legion Mode. Proof that you are the best “Zombie Slayer” in the Galaxy!
► Cross Server PVP: Fight versus other players from different Servers. You UP for the real challenge brothers & sisters?
► Gene System: only available in Zombie Fallout. Employ DNA alteration to create fearless Super Soldier.
► Pets: adorable, sassy, and powerful selection of pets for you to bring to battle. The only game that lets you bring FOUR pets simultaneously to battle!
► Skill system & Talent system to tweak and customize your Hero. Strategize & win the game.
► Dungeon challenges & Legion Raid BOSSES giving hoard of treasures and rewards (if you are good enough to beat them).
► Every Hero needs a ride. In Zombie Fallout your rides are UFOs!

Bagaimana tertarik ingin mencoba game ini ? Oke langsung saja Download Zombie Fallout Apk android yang sudah admin sediakan disana link download .
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